What’s the female bros before hoes?

I hate you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you!
Wait, what was the one before last?
Ehmm.. nothing!!

After months of hitting the books hard and trying my best to get good grades (with the asian standard), I have neglected my social life. Now, its my summer break, so my friends are taking no excuses from me, so I have been going out so often that I’m missing the breaks that I get in between classes to catch my breath. Then, there is him… I usually don’t like blonde guys with blue eyes, I know most people do but on him, I like it. Who am I kidding, I like him. 

My friends introduced us at the beginning of the semester and as usual, I made a memorable impression by trying to pay him a compliment, then falling to the ground because my butt missed the chair. Apart from his eyes (a freaking awesome shade of blue that makes you want to melt), I didn’t really think twice of him. Then during one of my lonely breaks we bump into each other and we go out for some fresh air. We talk, we laugh, and we learned about how similar our backgrounds are. So basically we bonded, and from then on, although I refused to admit it then, I started to like him as more than a friend.

Now the first problem, getting him out of my head while I was studying, but 20 minutes into studying interpersonal relationships, I couldn’t help it, i started psycho-analyzing our non-existant relationship like a crazy stalker.
The next problem, which to me, seemed scarier: trying to keep this from my best friends. I love them, but they can be, a little (or a lot), overprotective over me. Especially since I broke up with my last ex, they have been angry at every guy since many of them have lied to try to get, ya know… a peak at my pikachu. For example, this one italian guy, he looked like my usual type, olive coloured skin, dark hair and a beard (not like santa’s). We went out a few times, then all of a sudden he stops talking to me. Eventually I found out that his girlfriend of TWO YEARS asked him to stop talking to me. Yeah, imagine the shock I felt when I found out by his very drunk friend. So I guess my friends’ craziness is justified. 

But this guy, well he is honest, not brutally like I can definitely be sometimes, but he finds lies just a waste of time, which I admire because it is such short supply in this world nowadays. He used to live in Europe like me and now were are both in Canada (I’m just imagining a teenage girl saying, “omg, meant to be!”) so he understand exactly how different the cultures are and how difficult it can sometimes get. To top it off, I think he may be clumsier than me.

Back to my psycho friends. Well they didn’t really like him at first, like me, they just though he was just another college guy. So I tried to get my most understanding friend to hang out with us so they could get to know each other, I tried to keep it as a big enough group so it would not be obvious but a few minutes later my friend is dragging me to the washroom yelling like a teenage school girl “OMG you like him!!” So at least she approved, it was actually one of those touching friendly moments that needs cheesy background music. With the other two girls, it would be a bit more challenging (so, maybe a video montage). Then after a while of yelling at me because I don’t even know him and blah blah blah, they eventually caved, well, I made them food so their stomachs caved.

Now, they did a total 180 flip from where they were, and instead of dragging me away, they use every opportunity to push us together while they make kissy faces. (I know its would be really bad to hurt your friends but one punch, please!) 

And its summer time, so I’m free from school for another 4 months, so, beings a legal adult, I will let my inner school girl go crazy during that time.



This valentine’s day was … unexpected. I have been single for about a month now and was dreading the rose filled cafeteria and all the PDA in the hallway. I know it was me who broke up the relationship but its always a bit awkward to be single on the love day. 

And yet today was fun. It was cute to see other couples exchange their gifts and see the love in their eyes (its cheesy but its still nice to see). Did it make me a bit jealous? Of course it did, but only for a bit. What i didn’t know this morning was that i was going to be getting some unexpected love of my own, from all of my good guy friends. 

This morning my friend got me breakfast, another one bought me a rose, while yet another one walked me to all my classes and the last one walked me home. Maybe its my single-talk but ehmm potential boyfriends? haha

Especially the last guy. Last semester we were inseparable. We had almost all of the same classes and we were even lab partners. He can be shy at times but when you get to know him he is the sweetest guy ever. (I’m starting to sound like a very annoying teenager aren’t I?) Well, ever since I switched programs, I almost never see him. When he walked me home it was nice, we got to talk, alone, which we never have the opportunity to do anymore. It was, for lack of a better word, surreal. He told me he misses me and how beautiful I look and of course I was ecstatic. 

Well now its my girls night out, we are all going out to eat crepe and watch a movie. Which will be the perfect ending to this lovely day.Image


Single Awareness Day

Being single, those pink teddy bears and boxes of chocolate start to stick out more and seem to shout out “you’re alone! Nobody likes you!” It seems harsh to think that but I know I’m not the only one. Being single on Valentine’s day just plain sucks! It’s not like I’m going to pork on a box of chocolates while mentally cursing all the couples I see on facebook, but you tend to stick out when everyone is smooching and you’re pretending to read a book.
Don’t get me wrong, I adore the single life, I’m still young, I got time! But it’s such a wonderful feeling when a guy picks you up with a bouquet of roses and takes you out on a romantic dinner.
But I digress, being single on cupid’s day is not the end of the word. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate: go out with your single ladies, sing karaoke and pork on sushi (oh the irony!). Basically enjoy another excuse to celebrate, dress up nice, and be with the girls!
You may not have Prince Charming coming up to you on a white horse but sometimes that can get pretty boring, on the other hand, friends are made to be crazy:)